Dear Members:

Voluntarily and without any liability to the church, members desiring to participate in the "in person" worship should follow the directions on this page to be placed in rotation for participation. 

Pastor Clarence Williams will coordinate the rotation for participation.

The "in person" worship will be limited to 10 members and the essential staff each Sunday.  We have plenty of room for social distancing.  Your temperature will be taken before entering at 8:30 AM until 8:55 AM.  (8:56 AM means that you are late and will not be allowed to enter.)

Members should start calling the church phone at 1:00 PM on Wednesdays through 12 md-night on Thursday to be added to the list. A notice by text message, phone call or email wil be sent when your name comes up in the rotation on Friday.  The answering machine will have the date and time of each caller.  (912) 220-7553


NOTE: You can't request a particular Sunday. Participation will be in rotation based upon your call.   NO VISITORS!

COVID-19 protocol will be followed including face mask, temperature check, hand sanitizer, etc. during "in person" worship.

If you have an existing health issue that is a part of COVID-19 warnings, please consider carefully and prayerfully if you should participate.

Until your name is called, continue to be in "Virtual Worship" at 9:00 AM each Sunday morning on Facebook "LIVE".(

Rev. Clarence Williams, Jr., Pastor